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Cookie-cutter websites and brands not only devalue your practice, but the chiropractic profession.

Cookie-cutter and template websites that can be whipped up in a few days, shows the general public just how much you value your profession and your practice.

As part of our ongoing focus group studies to date, 76.5% of potential chiropractic patients have said that “template websites and $99 brands devalue chiropractic”.  Furthermore, 77.1% leave a cluttered website within 2.3 seconds, WITHOUT ever returning!

Think About It…

If your cookie cutter website turns away 1 person per day, you’re parting with a minimum of $273,750 in potential income annually. Can you afford a REAL website now?


• An average patient spends $750 per year.
• There are 365 days in a year
• If each day only 1 person found your website uninspiring

You would lose $273,750

And that is being conservative. Why do you think only 3.8% of the population is “open” to chiropractic, and that number keeps getting smaller and smaller each year? You have yourself and the cookie-cutter website “design” companies out there to thank for the decline.