Conditions Treated.

Something’s not right.

You remember a time when your body functioned normally and pain-free, and maybe it’s been so long that health is just a distant memory now. It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Healing Point Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we believe in healing one spine, one life, and one story at a time to transform your health and wellness experience into the most powerful version of health you’ve ever known.

It’s common to feel like some conditions are “just a part of life,” but here at Healing Point Chiropractic, we believe that health is achievable for everyone of all ages. If you find that you’ve been suffering from any of the conditions listed below, reach out for your free consultation with Healing Point Chiropractic – best chiropractor Fayetteville today to see how we can help you get your life back.

Conditions Treated in Fayetteville

Conditions Treated

  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Joint Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Poor Posture
  • Headaches
  • Scoliosis
  • Fatigue
  • Sports Injuries
  • Injuries + Accidents
  • Knee Pain
  • Disc Herniation
  • Acid Reflux / GERD
  • Allergies + Asthma
  • Overall Wellness Concerns

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons that people look for chiropractic care. Back pain takes two forms: chronic, which means that it has lasted for 6 months or longer, and acute, which means that it has just emerged due to a specific circumstance (like an injury).

You can feel back pain in your middle, upper, or lower back. It may feel like aching, spasms, numbness, tingling, weakness, or sharp and shooting pain. Back pain can be caused by disruptions to the nerves, muscles, or bones and joints, all of which chiropractic care focuses on treating.

Back pain can also be the result of (or made worse by) poor posture, which can place strain and pressure on the entire spinal structure and strain the body’s overall health.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can start because of poor posture, and poor posture can be a direct result of spinal misalignment—the two are often connected. In the modern age, neck pain is often the result of “text neck,” which occurs when the head moves into a permanent forward position because of excessive technology use. To correct “text neck,” the bones and joints of the spine must be realigned.

Neck pain may also occur because of injuries (like whiplash) or degeneration over time. Neck pain can feel like hot or cold sensations, numbness, tingling, stabbing, and shooting pain. In the same way that chiropractic care treats misalignment and pain in the back, it can also treat misalignment and pain in the neck.


Migraines can be completely debilitating, forcing migraine sufferers to change their entire lives to adapt to the onset of a migraine. Because migraines can last for days and create a wide variety of symptoms in the body (loss of sight, headaches, digestive distress, etc.), they can be overwhelming and painful to live with. Oftentimes, medication is the only medically prescribed solution to headaches.

Chiropractic care can be extremely effective in eliminating and reducing migraines. Regular chiropractic care can help the body to regulate itself, allowing for the imbalances contributing to the migraine to be reduced or resolved.


Chronic headaches can make life miserable. In addition to constantly disrupting your comfort, headaches can lead to other unwanted side effects like irritability, exhaustion, and stress. Chiropractic has repeatedly shown itself to be an effective form of treatment for headaches, as it helps to improve nerve energy flow and can increase circulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

Joint Pain

Joint pain occurs in the fingers, toes, spine, and limbs. It can feel like aching, hot or cold pain, as well as create a grinding or stiff feeling in the joint itself.

Joint pain is typically the result of injury or wear-and-tear to the joint. Chiropractic care can help to reduce inflammation in the area and realign joints that have moved out of place, which can help to provide relief to the general area.


Sciatica is one of the most well-known forms of nerve pain, and it occurs in the lower back and radiates down over the glutes and the backs of the thighs. Sciatica is caused by the sciatic nerve, which can become inflamed when the nearby joints of the spine becoming misaligned. Additionally, slipped discs in the low back can contribute to sciatic pain.

Chiropractic care can help to realign the spine, removing the pressure of wayward discs and joints from the sciatic nerve and increasing comfort in the body substantially.

Poor Posture

Did you know that correcting poor posture isn’t as simple as “standing up straight?” When the spine has been misaligned due to injury or accident, it can cause the posture to contort and become deformed. This can make “standing up straight” difficult or impossible until the spine has been corrected at the root cause.

Chiropractic care, particularly Chiropractic BioPhysics®, can help to create long-term changes in the structure of the spine, moving it back to its original upright position and visibility improving the posture.


Fatigue can be a very frustrating condition to deal with, as medical treatment can be vague if the root cause is not directly identified. Fortunately, chiropractic care has a great track record helping to reduce and eliminate fatigue in thousands of patients.

When the central nervous system is obstructed from performing it’s functions normally, this can result in lethargic nerve energy transmission, inflammation in the body, and a lack of circulation of cerebrospinal fluid to the brain. Chiropractic care can help to reverse these processes and improve the body’s overall energy transmission and vitality.


Did you know that 3 out of every 100 Americans have scoliosis? Scoliosis is a common spinal deformity that causes the spine to exhibit an abnormal S-shaped curvature. When the spine curves abnormally like it does in the case of scoliosis, it can compress nearby organs, inhibit breathing and digestion, cause lower and upper back pain, and deform the posture visibly.

While traditional medicine typically prescribed braces and surgery as a solution for scoliosis, Chiropractic BioPhysics® can be a powerful solution for changing the shape of the spine without any surgical intervention, reducing pain and improving the posture.

Injuries + Accidents

Have you been in a recent or old injury or accident and are still suffering from pain? In some cases—for example, car accidents—what seems like a minor injury at the time can lead to chronic pain for years afterward. This is often because the injuries are not visible to the naked eye. Whiplash, spinal misalignment (subluxation) and a variety of other conditions can arise from accidents and injuries. With the help of expert chiropractic care, the pain and conditions caused by injuries and accidents can be a thing of the past.

I absolutely loved my experience with Dr Yoo and his staff. After suffering with pain for years, I feel like a new man and can finally enjoy life again. Thank you!!!

Michael D.
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