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The brain sends nerve energy down the spine, through the nerves, into the limbs and organs. That’s how a healthy body functions and heals. What happens when there is a misalignment in the spine? Obviously nerve flow is interrupted and diminished, creating dysfunction and disease throughout the body. Now… how hard is that for people to understand? Don’t you get frustrated when people don’t realize the IMPORTANCE of an aligned spine? Isn’t it downright sad when they question the cost of corrective care, or look for instant pain relief, instead of the long-term health benefits of an aligned spine?

You read this far, now for the hard part…

Your brand, your website, and your marketing material are the lifeline of ANY business. A well-designed brand communicates trust, dependability, professionalism, and value to the potential patient, ELIMINATING most negative misconceptions about chiropractic on a subconscious level. As long as chiropractors don’t raise the bar, you will be spending more of your time convincing and educating, than actually getting people the care they need. It’s as simple as that! It’s frustrating when chiropractors don’t realize the IMPORTANCE of a professional brand, and constantly cut corners. It’s downright irresponsible for chiropractors to question the cost of custom and proper branding, websites, and marketing material while settling for temporary cookie-cutter solutions that devalue, diminish and degrade an extraordinary profession.

Next time don’t get mad at your patients for not understanding the power of chiropractic, not committing to long-term care, or jumping ship for a medical doctor to get a second opinion. Blame yourself for not valuing your practice and profession enough to change the way people perceive you.

How can you tell patients that you are unique and different, if your logo looks like every other spine logo out there… your website looks like 18,700+ other cookie-cutter websites out there… or you office interior looks dated and uninspiring?

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